Saturday, June 16, 2012

[ I Do, I Do ] Episode 2 - English Subbed

Summary: Ji An hears that if Tae Kang doesn’t reveal the true counterfeiter, he’ll take the fall for it. Ji An sits down with Tae Kang and tries to counsel him to tell the truth, but Tae Kang is protecting his dad and claims he was the counterfeiter, making and selling the shoes.

[ I Do, I Do ] Episode 1 - English Subbed

Summary: Ji An misses her father's 70th birthday. She is clearly very upset at herself. He hands her a bank account statement containing all the money she’s sent back over the years. He tells her not to send money anymore. He doesn’t want her money, he just wanted to spend his 70th birthday with his only daughter who he rarely ever sees. Her dad suggests that she be taken off the family register since she’s barely a daughter to them anyways. Tae Kang stands in the back and watches this exchange silently.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

[Absolute Boyfriend TW] Episode 10 - English Subbed

Summary: Junshu takes Xiao Fei to the beach to catch a fish. And he told her that he wants her to became his girlfriend and he wants to put Night out of her mind. Will he succeed?

[Absolute Boyfriend TW] Episode 9 - English Subbed

Summary: Junshu confessed he likes Xiao Fei. He spiked Xiao Fei’s drink just in order to sleep with her. What happen next?

[Absolute Boyfriend TW] Episode 8 - English Subbed

Summary:  Night gets a sad smile on his face. He envies Junshu and Zong Shi. They grew up with Xiao Fei. And becoming a conflicted robot. He made Xiao Fei cry.

[Absolute Boyfriend TW] Episode 7 - English Subbed

Summary: Did Night regain his memory? How will he makes him forever Xia Fei's

[Absolute Boyfriend TW] Episode 6 - English Subbed

Summary: Mei Ja pulls the unsuspecting Night in for a kiss just as Xiao Fei arrives on scene. Unfortunately, a kiss reboots Night’s system and he thinks Mei Ja is his girlfriend now. Will Night finally regain his memory before the special team takes him back?